WILDFIRE Committee 2020

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The 2020 WILDFIRE Committee has been announced! The committee had their first meeting in October and we have exciting plans and ideas for 2020.

WILDFIRE committee 2020

Council Members:
Presidents: Ashleigh Laird and Kelly Hotchin
Treasurer: Molly Cargill
Secretary: Caroline Xue
Events Co-ordinatior: Claire Thomas
Promotions Representative: Andrew Downie
Sponsorship Representative: Ayushica Saran
Liaison Officer: Caitlin Smart
ATSI Senior Representative: Arrabella King
ATSI Junior Representative: Keisha Nash
Allied Health Representative: Sophie Conroy
Publications Officer: Emma Buckthorp
IT Officer: Meghan Taylor
Year A representative: TBC

Subcommittee Presidents:
Clayton: Isobella Kruger and Samantha Congdon
Bendigo: TBC
Mildura: TBC
Gippsland: TBC
Parkville: TBC

You can check out more about the committee here: