WILDFIRE’s 2020 Phone a Friend ☎️

We, at WILDFIRE, would like to welcome the third, fourth and fifth years who will be starting their rural clinical placements over the next couple of weeks and throughout 2020 πŸŽ‰

For these students, we would like to present our 2020 Phone a Friend series. Moving out of home for the first time or moving to a place without friends can be extremely difficult. WILDFIRE is here to support our rural students as best we can. Our 2020 Phone a Friend booklet has a list of GPs in your town of placement, as well as contacts for mental health services and more general emergency services.

You can download your booklet here: https://drive.google.com/…/1E4wtrA1PCeQ_Pqb6JOPhn0-G8…/view…

Stay in touch and good luck to everyone completing their rural placements this year β€οΈ