Reflections on Rural Health in 2020

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Monash Rural Health is inviting all students to share their reflections on the ups and downs of this eventful year.

Find the link here, and more of a description below:

This resilience and the new knowledge and skills associated with 2020 are important to share with each other as a form of recognition and strength building, a means to communicate how events have been dealt with and overcome and as a way of recording our part in a year that will undoubtedly influence history for years to come.

Monash Rural Health would like to invite you to share your stories, good, bad and otherwise. Share them in whatever format suits your style, remembering that this is a story, not a report. Contributions will be collated for inclusion in an anthology of reflections on the year that was 2020.

Format examples:
– a creative writing piece
– poetry
– visual art
– drawing, cartoon, photography…
– a photographic essay.

The important thing is that the year is recorded, remembered and entered into our history.