Becoming a WILDFIRE member is the best way to get involved in rural health at Monash University. Members automatically receive our e-bulletin, a regular email with details of our upcoming events, and have an opportunity to attend rural health conferences all over Australia. Our social functions provide an opportunity for students and staff interested in rural health to network and collaborate. This is a good way for new students living away from their rural homes to meet people with common backgrounds and interests. Our members also visit rural high schools to encourage students from a rural background to think about health careers. As a member, you are entitled to all sorts of special treatment.
Here are a few things you can do through us:

Rural Clinical Skills Days A number of clinical skills training days or weekends are organized throughout the year. These events allow undergraduate medical, nursing and other allied health students the opportunity to go to a rural hospital in Mildura, Bairnsdale, Sale or Bendigo where clinical skills such as plastering, and much more are demonstrated and taught. The hands on approach has proved to be exciting and challenging for many students in the past.
Conference Support Got your eye on a particularly snazzy rural health conference? We can help cover some of the costs for you! See the Grants page and NRHSN (below) for more details.
NRHSN Membership Your WILDFIRE membership automatically gives you access to the National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN). NRHSN membership gives you access to Conference Funding via the Conferences of National Significance (CoNS) program, a chance to meet like-minded students at events such as the National Universities Rural Health Conference (NURHC) and access to resources for Rural High School Visits (RHSV)
Functions/Events Wildfire Members get subsidised entry to all of our functions and events!
More! We’re always coming up with new, unexpected things – join us and find out more!

How do I Join?
To become a member of WILDFIRE, ‘LIKE’ the Wildfire Facebook Page and fill out the membership form. You will be registered to the Monash Clubs and Societies and NRHSN pages.