Farwell to our 2020 committee!

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As 2020 comes to an end, and we handover the WILDFIRE roles to the new 2021 committee, we would just like to say an enormous thank you to our Committee.

2020 really threw some curve balls in everyoneโ€™s way, but despite this, you were all able to pull together and make this year the success for WILDFIRE that it was.

This year we created many new initiatives and events which required a lot of organisation and creativity from you all, and with everyone doing their bit, you really made our job easy. We are so extremely proud of everyoneโ€™s contributions and couldnโ€™t have asked for a more dedicated group to work with.

So, thank you to:
– Caroline Xue, our Secretary;
– Molly Cargill, our Treasurer;
– Belle King, our Senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative;
– Keisha Nash, our Junior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative;
– Andy Downie, our Promotions Officer;
– Emma Buckthorpe, our Publications Officer;
– Ayushica Saran, our Sponsorship Rep;
– Claire Thomas, our Events Coordinator;
– Rachel Cole, our Year A Rep;
– Sophie Conroy, our Allied Health Rep and Peninsula Subcommittee Chair;
– Caitlin Smart, our Liaison Officer;
– Meghan Taylor, our IT Officer;
– Isobella Kruger and Samantha Congdon, our Clayton Subcommittee Chairs;
– Seamus Heanue, our Bendigo Subcommittee Chair;
– Elly Thomas, our Mildura Subcommittee Chair;
– Nick Woodland, our Gippsland Subcommittee Chair; and,
– Leon Polychronopoulos, our Parkville Subcommittee Chair.

Thank you to each and every one of you, we wish we could have had our final meeting in person like previous years but a zoom meeting and zoom photo will have to do.

WILDFIRE has been an especially important part of both of our university lives, and although it is sad to leave this part of us behind, we are so excited for what the 2021 Committee will bring to WILDFIRE and we look forward to seeing the many incredible things you do for the students.

Thank you so much to our committee.
Love from your Co-Presidents,
Ash and Kelly