Working In Leading Development For Indigenous and Rural Education (WILDFIRE)

The club was established in 1993 by Monash University School of Rural Health (SRH) and is a branch of the National Rural Health Student Network (NRSHN).

Initially our membership was limited to pre-clinical medical students of Monash University. However we soon recognized that improving rural health is the responsibility of all healthcare providers – thus we have grown to encompass nursing students and allied health students, as well as both pre-clinical and clinical medical students.

Currently our membership is made up of approximately 400 medical, nursing and allied health students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The co-ordination of WILDFIRE is overseen by a Council of students elected by the student body, including representatives from each of the subcommittees.

Our largest subcommittee is based at the Clayton Campus, with others at Bendigo, Churchill, East Gippsland (Bairnsdale and Sale), Gippsland (Traralgon and Warragul), Mildura, Parkville and Peninsula.

WILDFIRE Committee Members at Monash Uni O-Week

WILDFIRE 2016 Dairy Day

WILDFIRE, works through the Council with the support of SRH, currently headed by Professor Robyn Langham, to achieve some fundamental goals. WILDFIRE aims to:
1. Foster relations between all students and health professionals interested in rural and Indigenous health and culture
2. Facilitate discussion, action and reporting/research on all rural and Indigenous matters amongst the student body and with our affiliates
3. Develop and maintain a multi-disciplinary approach
4. Support students during their educational life span through their rural and Indigenous experiences
5. Encourage a long term commitment to living and working in rural areas of Australia.