‘Ngangwurra’ by Cheyenne Rain Travis (WINNER)

closing the gap – a series of haikus by Imogen Brown

our indigenous
people are denied basic
human rights, right now

kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs
all are at risk of disease
in our first people

what is being done?
our leaders must address this

to be developed
all should live long, happy lives
in Australia

together, as one
we must pledge to contribute
to closing the gap

‘Royal Flying Doctor Service’ by Nic McLellan

‘Closing the Gap’ by Mary Fang

By Georgia Smith

Grey Linings by Dion Paul

Etched on the gravestones were savages and fiends, Waiting to deliver their steadfast edicts; Unfolding into chaos is our fragile vessel, Radiantly releasing our once blank, tidy slate; Brimming with carelessness and yearning for satiety, We foolishly marked and veiled it with experience.

Bewilderment strikes. A reaction unwelcomed and underpinned by trepidation, Creases the heavy air between dimensions to craft a welcome transition; An uncertainty of the finality plagues every sentient being,
Where every aspect of the condition drips with this uncertainty, becoming the singular key for entropy.

Perhaps this is all for naught,
Perhaps there is simply hollow darkness, no memories, just energy; Perhaps the eyes open to vessels, connected for electricity;
I was plagued by the eternal conundrum,
A toll for my sentience, dictating my chronology;
My admiration was my mystery,
My lust is my solace,
My love will be my death.